Monday, August 29, 2011

My travelling mail bag.

Gracie is hosting a travelling mail kit giveaway, and to get extra entries, she asks what you would put in your travelling mail bag...  Sooo here is my collection of stationery must-haves!!

You can click on the picture to be taken to where you can purchase this loveliness! As you can tell, I have a serious stationery addiction. Ask my husband. It is not pretty... Anyway, I hope you enjoy my collection!


  1. Aww you are the sweetest!! Thanks for entering my giveaway and for doing a whole post :) That's lovely.

    I haven't received your mixed swap yet but sometimes mail can take awhile. I will definitely let you know though :) x

  2. You shouldn't share this with me!! I will bankrupt.. Going to check the pages where I can buy this :)

  3. Ahhh I love the air mail zip pouches!

    I entered this giveaway too, fingers crossed! :-)


  4. Aww, I was looking at everything thinking how lovely all this stationery was... When I saw the Sweet Hearts envelopes I designed! I'm glad that you like them! xox

  5. So cute!! I love all of this.

    Do you have Kikki K in Canada?

    x Jasmine