Friday, September 25, 2015

I love you, Friday

Hi friends! It's Friday! I am excited about it! Last weekend we were out of the house basically all weekend, so nothing got done around the house. I mean, we were either at church or with family last weekend, so that was all good, but my poor house needs a clean. So my plans for this weekend include giving my house a good cleaning, doing laundry, and all of that fun stuff.

Of course, I also have some actual fun plans too. Tonight is home-made pizza and movie night with Chris. Tomorrow, after I'm done my cleaning, I plan to film a bunch of videos for my YouTube channel, and get one or two edited. In the evening we are going to hang out with some friends, and if I have time in between I'll probably just do some reading.

On Sunday after church Chris is going golfing with his dad and brother, so I will enjoy my solitude in my house with a good book, maybe some letters. I'm slooowly getting back into writing letters, and it's been fun.

What I'm reading this weekend: Fire by Kristin Cashore. This is the second book in the Seven Realms trilogy, the first book being Graceling. This is an excellent fantasy series, I'm highly enjoying it so far!

This week I have been obsessed with tiny homes. Don't ask why, but for some reason I just really want to live in a tiny house now. We watched a documentary on Netflix, called TINY: A Story About Living Small, and it was quite good. Today I've been watching videos on YouTube about tiny homes. Some good channels are relaxshacksDOTcom, Tiny House Giant Journey, Living Big in a Tiny Home, and Kristen Dirksen, they have tons of tours of tiny homes. Also this one is amazing and I would live in it in a heartbeat.

What are your plans for the weekend? Leave a comment and let me know!