Monday, January 24, 2011

In Your City

Well, I did it. I deleted my Facebook page. I do not regret it. But at this current moment I am realizing how much of a pull it had on me. I've cut down the useless time spent in front of my computer by at least a third. Maybe even half. I'm forced to go do other things if I'm bored. Which is good. I just have to get used to it again. I'll probably start posting more regularly. Yay =) I'll also probably start browsing Etsy and other sites more frequently, and sharing my finds.

This weekend we sang a new song in church. Awesome. I immediately went up to my worship pastor after the service was done, and I said to him, "where did you get that new song?" Phil Wickham. Later that afternoon I downloaded two of his albums. I have a new music love.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Taking back a piece of my life.

On Sunday Chris and I had a lengthy conversation on how much we hate Facebook. Seriously, it was like a 20 minute rant between the two of us.

For me, it is a supreme waste of time, especially during school. I just sit there, hoping something interesting will happen so I don't have to write that paper.

I hate all the changes they are constantly making to the profile and the news feed, to the point where I can't even focus on anything worth seeing because it's just cluttered with junk. I don't care what quiz my friend just took, quite honestly.

I hate getting friend requests from people I don't really know. For example, over 2 years ago I used to work at McDonald's. There was a kid I worked with, who I will call B. B was a nice kid. He had a good attitude and he was fun to work with. But once I quit working there I didn't really care about what was happening in B's life. We were Facebook friends while I worked there, but a few months later I removed him as a friend. I figured he wouldn't notice, since we weren't best friends. Wrong. Every few months he'll send me a friend request, and I'll deny it. Because we are not friends.

Really, the only people I still have my account for are my friends and relatives that I don't see often, who live in other provinces/countries. But I just don't want the hassle in my life.

One of my New Year's resolutions is to simplify my life, technologically. And Facebook bogs me down more than it helps.

I also want to reconnect with people for real. I have so many people in my life that I care about, and I would rather spend face time with them rather than Facebook time. I'd rather use that time spent editing my profile to write a letter or call a friend and make a date for coffee. I want to know people because I talk to them, not because I stalk them.

So next Wednesday I will delete my account permanently. I mean, it's not like I'm dropping off of the planet. Or even the internet, for Pete's sake. I check my email about 30 times a day (having an iPhone helps). I have my blog, where I can post pictures and life updates. I always have my phone on me, so a text or a phone call are great. I even do that old-fashioned thing of writing letters, which is way more fun than a wall post, if you ask me.

One of my best friends Theresa deleted her Facebook account over a month ago, and she is so happy she did it. Chris deleted his account yesterday. I can't just do it out of the blue, because I want to make sure people have my info.

I sure hope that people won't forget about me, though.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Fill in the Blanks Friday 2.1

1. Winter is  nice when the it's not windy and freezing col all the time. I like it when the snow falls gently =)

2. Summer is awesome. I love trees covered in leaves, flowers, birds, wearing skirts, walking barefoot in the grass, ice cream, and stargazing.

3. If it were summer instead of winter right now I would be graduated from university!!

4. My favorite thing to do in winter is drive around at night and look at lights. I also like to stay in bed in the morning and read until 11 am, then get ready for my day.

5. My favorite thing to do in summer is go to the Forks with friends (the Forks is a historical site, where traders hundreds of years ago used to do their trading at the fork of 2 rivers. Now it's like an outdoor mall and has restaurants and entertainers and buskers.) So much fun.

6. The ideal outfit for a sunny summer day is Bermuda shorts, a tank top with a chunky necklace, and a pair of cute flats.

7. The ideal outfit for a frigid winter day is 2 pairs of socks, warm pants, 2 or 3 layers of shirts, and a big scarf.

I got an award! Yay =)

Well, this is a surprise! I got a blog award from a new reader! I'm very excited! Tanuki over at Sunshine Whirls Make My Head Spin gave me this award =

The rule is to list 5 guilty pleasures. So here goes:

1. Dove Dusk chocolate. Milk with a hint of dark. So yummy.

2. Red nail polish. I have 3 or 4 bottles of the stuff.

3. The Lake House. I have seen this movie countless times, and I still like it as much as I did the first time I saw it. It just does something for me. I know there are plot holes, and Keanu Reeves is a terrible actor, but the feel and the emotion of it just touch me.

4. Scarves. I can never have too many. I wear them with almost everything.

5. Sophie Kinsella novels. I devour those things. Her female characters and plots are so hilarious and daring.

I now present this award to these lovely ladies who I've only been following for a few months =

<3 Laura at Musings of an Optimist
<3 Lindsay at A Log of My Life

Have a lovely Friday!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I like mail. 2.1

A mail post! What? I got some wonderful letters over my Christmas holidays. I will share them with you here =)


From Miss Belen

From Sophie in Australia

From the lovely Miss Laura

I got a letter and a Christmas card from dear Mikaela in Finland

From Asierleigh in Florida

This also came with a Christmas card from my dear friend Callie

A letter from my dear Russian Julia

A first letter from Zuo Xixi in China


A reply to Belen

And that is all. Hopefully there will be more outgoing soon.