Thursday, September 1, 2011

List 1: Goals for this month

I am participating in this round 30 Days of Lists and I am so excited! I almost forgot that today was the first, go me :P I didn't have time to make a fancy list today - I went over to my parents' today to help my mom prepare for a supper they were having for their employees today. I made a red velvet cake, but when it came time to add food coloring, there was no red left (we used it all for wedding cupcakes!! Mwahahaha!) So... I used green! It looked super freaky, but it tasted great. I made it a 2-layer cake, and instead of your normal cream cheese icing in the middle, I made a Nutella/white frosting shmear for it. Yummy!

Anyways, back to the task at hand...

Goals for this month:

1. Finish painting my bike and put it back together - I disassembled it a month ago and bought the paint. Then it sat there. Yesterday I did the first coat of primer, and hopefully by the end of next week I'll have it completely done. I am not looking forward to putting it back together :S

2. Read my Bible every day - I bought an ESV Bible last week, and a massive study version to boot. My previous one was a regular NLT, with your standard (fairly useless) concordance in the back. I really like it, but I've wanted a study Bible for a while, and at church they are using ESV more and more. SO after Chris convinced me, I finally bought one. So now I just  need to get into the habit of reading it every day. My problem with that is that I don't really like devotional books, so I never know where to read. I just want to read everywhere all at once! Bugh, so I'm just gonna do it. Wow, long enough explanation!

3. Catch up on my correspondence - I really feel bad about the letters sitting in my pile for a couple months at a time!! So I want to catch up and then come up with some kind of system that will allow me to reply more promptly.

4. Get a job! - Enough said! We need a bread-winner in this house!

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  1. Okay, so I need photos of your Green Velvet Cake! It sounds awesome!!

    x Jasmine

    PS. And I want photos of your finished bike too! :)