Saturday, September 24, 2011

My home

Hi friends! I am finally posting some pictures of our house! Yay, go me! One of them is already outdated, with the bookshelves that I painted a couple days ago. But whatever. The rest is the same.

 This is a picture of our house that I just had saved in my phone. It was on the house listing online, I think. Anyway, I didn't take it, but it looks the same so who cares.

::Our house when we moved in::

This was written on our bathroom door with a Sharpie. It came off with a Mr Clean magic eraser :)

 This is our ugly bathroom. It's the only part of the house that hasn't been updated since it was built.

This is the master bedroom just after Chris moved in. I hated that shelf, floating in the middle of nowhere.

This is the kitchen. I absolutely hated this shade of blue. Ugh. Yes, my purse on the couch there is practically the same colour, but can you understand how terrible it looks on the walls? Can you understand that I am not a hypocrite??

::Our house after all the work::

A detail shot of our kitchen chairs after we upholstered them. I love this pattern soooo much!!!!
Our slightly less ugly bathroom. We repainted all the walls and cabinets, and bought a nice new shower curtain and rod. So at least I can hide the ugly tub when I'm not in it :)

Our master bedroom. I really love the wall colour. It makes me happy.

This is my office. I was debating between painting it green or purple, and I kind of wish I'd gone with purple. But nonetheless, I still like it. (I may paint it in a year or two, who knows?)

Chris' office. It's just flipped from mine so I only took one picture of it :P Well, he doesn't have bookshelves, he has his computer desk there.

Our kitchen. I wish I had more counter space for baking and cooking, but it's okay. Someday I'll have a bigger kitchen :)

This is our living room. I am in love with our orange wall. As you can see, we haven't put much artwork up, but that will happen eventually. Chris is planning on doing some pieces for the dining area and our bedroom. Oh, also the two end bookshelves are the ones I painted. Chris' younger brother made them, and they were never painted. So I just painted them a chocolate brown (a bit lighter than the fireplace unit) so they would look more finished. And they do. Success!

And that is our house! I hope you enjoyed my "virtual tour" haha.


  1. I love love love your house! Its so pretty! And I LOVE your tree shower curtain; where did you get it? And I also love how you hang up your jewelry.. :) You seem to be so creative... :)

  2. Your house is so pretty! All that hard work paid off, for sure. It looks very much like a HOME, and I'm sure it feels that way too :)

  3. I love that shower curtain! And I like the orange living room wall, too. :)

  4. Ah, so exciting ot finally see it! I love the bedroom wall color, and the orange wall is fab!

  5. I love your home! I love what you've done with it to make it your own. Does it feel like your house now?

    It took almost two years for our house to stop feeling like we were just renting. I'm so glad it feels like home, finally!

    x Jasmine

  6. it looks wonderful! Love the renovation and all the colors you used! I especially love that shower curtain. so cute :)

    {I'm having a Kate Spade giveaway right now & would love to see you there!}