Friday, July 29, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday 2.9

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1. My favourite colour is purple and/or green. It used to be just purple, but then I realized that I was drawn to green things equally as much.

2. My travel destination of choice is currently Edmonton. My siblings-in-law and nephew live there, and I have never been there, so I want to go. Some day before I die I want to go to Australia. And pretty much anywhere that is awesome. The list is too long.

3. My favourite food is many things. Chocolate. Mennonite perogies. Anything with cream cheese in it. Ice cream.

4. My happy place is Chapters.

5. My favourite saying is "No, o people, the Lord has told you what is good, and this is what he requires of you: to do what is right, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God." (Micah 6:8) I think that sums up the good life pretty succinctly.

6. My dirty little secret is well, if I told you then it wouldn't be a secret, would it? (Cop out - I can't think of anything)

7. Something my friends might say about me is that I have the best laugh. And they actually do say this, so I know.


  1. I'd love to hear your laugh! My good friend Heather-Jade snorts when she laughs, and it is so endearing. She hates it, but we love it!

    Just stopping by from Fill in the Blank Friday!