Friday, July 8, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday 2.7

Goodness, I haven't done these in a while! Play along here.

1.   My plans this summer include      Going to the Forks, finish getting our house in order, go on a road trip to a 50s style diner and a drive in movie, and hang out with my friends.

2.  The best summer I ever had was    probably last summer. My job sucked, but I did cool things with my friends and my boyfriend. But I think this summer will be the best one yet ;)

3.  Summer is     wonderful for adventures and recharging after the looong cold winter.

4.  My favorite summer food is   hmmm... Disco (which is a Mexican meal prepared in a large disc over a fire. Not a dance.) My dad makes the best disco.

5.  The best way to quench a summer thirst is with     a Slurpee!!!

6.  My summer uniform consists of       longer shorts (I don't do tiny shorts) and skirts.

7.  The best thing about summer is       that it is warm and cheerful and warm and green and warm. Also it is not winter.


  1. If by "the Forks" do you mean Forks, WA? 'Cuz if so, please give the PNW huge hugs for me. If not, well, I'm sure it will rock regardless!

    Linked from FitBF!


  2. Disco's huh? I'm going to have to look into this cause I'm mexican and I've never ever heard of this. Who knows, maybe I've had it and never knew it haha.

    Slurpees are definitely the best way to curb your thirst. They're so good!

    Stopping by from Lauren's blog :)

  3. Oooh, I wish it was Summer here!!!

    x Jasmine