Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mail post! 2.3

Yay for the postal strike being over! It lasted 3 weeks, which was entirely far too long for me. I think the system is still back-logged, but hopefully those wonderful postal workers will be able to catch up soon.

A lovely wedding present from Callie that got stuck in the backlog. But it finally arrived which made me happy. The plate was promptly placed in our kitchen where I see it every day. I'll confess, haven't used the devotional book yet, but we want to start eventually. Yikes, how long it takes to form a good habit, eh?

Oh, and Callie is having a summer giveaway! Please swing by and enter, because there's good stuff! Or don't, because I want to win :P

From sweet Olga in the Ukraine. The envelope is made from a magazine page, and I can't understand any of the writing. I love it.

A card from Asierleigh in Florida. Check out the rad stamps!

From Lauren, a new pen pal who found my blog! She's the first person who wanted to write to me from reading my blog!! I'm so happy right now :D


A letter and a necklace from Belen. I adore the Archie stamp! The necklace was a purchase from her Etsy store, and I simply love it. So pretty.

Another purchase made on Etsy. Diana is moving her store to another website, so everything is ridiculously priced.

Letters going to my sisters-in-law and my friend working in Ontario for the summer.

My mix cds going out for Bianca's swap. I totally forgot to take pictures of the stuff going in the letters until I already had them sealed up and everything. (I cheated - I got Chris to decorate the cd cases for me. Shhh...) They are going out to Gracie and Nicole.

Finally, some outgoing Postcrossing cards. I bought the Where's Waldo postcard book!! I want to send them all out and I want to keep them all. I'm such a greedy postcard giver, seriously. But if you want a Waldo card, then leave a comment and maybe you'll get one ;)


  1. Hooray for mail! I would seriously die if our postal workers went on strike.

    x Jasmine

    PS. I would love a Waldo card!