Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yet another useless week.

I stepped on the scale yesterday and have apparently gained 4 pounds. What the heck?

I have, however, realized what my problem is. Portion control and sugar. So those are things to watch.

I am also not hating the gym so much, and I even worked out at home because I'm on reading week now.

I need to make a playlist for the gym. Any suggestions are super helpful and much appreciated!!

On an unrelated note, right now I am listening to the most amazing cover of Hallelujah ever, by Mr Phil Wickham. Go on youtube and listen. Now. Click here.


  1. Way to go for not hating the gym as much! I have yet to get to that point. We have a treadmill in our basement, and, even though it's in front of a tv, I have a really hard time staying there for long.

    Here's some music suggestions! Don't really know what kind of music you like, but here's what I like to have in my ear when I'm trying to run.
    Blue - Eiffel 65
    Call on Me - Eric Prydz
    DotA - Basshunter
    Woman King - Iron and Wine
    Who Are You Really? - Mikky Ekko

  2. Hey Feebalicious, Got a bunch of great info from my cousin on healthy weight loss (she's a trained professional, lol) I will let you know what she told me when we see each other again. Love ya, keep up the good work.

  3. Don't be discouraged by the weight gain. I remember when I first started at the gym and my weight didn't shift for over 6 months. I was so disappointed, but then my trainer did a body analysis test on me and apparently I'd lost fat, but gained muscle (which is heavier than muscle). Something like that could be happening with you too?

    Portion control is my problem too. Huge, heaping bowls of pasta are my weakness! And potato ... and toasted sandwiches ... and yeah :/

    As for a playlist, I blast Fall Out Boy at the moment. All of their songs are fast and loud so it's perfect!

    x Jasmine