Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A letter to a stranger.

Dear lady from the Kutless concert,

I can't remember your name, but I sure did have a good time chatting with you while we were waiting for the doors to open. I felt like I'd known you forever. I remember talking about being single, and you told me to be patient, God had the right man for me. I wish I could find you again, and tell you that little did I know, my future husband was at the same concert, and he saw me there, and talked to me. Then a couple weeks later he would ask me out. I doubt you would remember that conversation, but I will always remember how full of joy you were, and the peace that radiated from you. I wish I could be like that. Some day I will. I know that comes after years of walking closely with God.

I wish you all the best,


  1. That is just really cool! I love discovering things about my relatives that I never really got to know much more about, and the way how you meant your soon-to-be husband is so cool! Makes me wonder how I'll meet mine. Guess I gotta be patient :) Thank you for sharing! Keep posting!

  2. I love this letter and what emotions and feelings and loves are behind it. How awesome is it that you'll get to thank her face-to-face in heaven!