Monday, August 16, 2010

Young at heart (Mail 1.10)

I had a lovely lovely weekend. Saturday evening Chris and I went to church, and then I made us breakfast-for-supper (eggs Benedict, my specialty) at his house. Then we watched Star Trek with his roommate and cousins. It's been such a long time since I just had a chill Saturday evening.

Yesterday was our 6 month anniversary, and it was amazing. Chris took me out for lunch here in town, and then we went to the city. We went bowling, which was fun even though I super suck at bowling. I did get a couple strikes, which was good. At the end of our second game, Chris got a turkey (3 strikes in a row) which was absolutely incredible because he's not much better than I am! I was so proud of him :D Then we did some shopping, and then he took me to The Keg for supper.

I'd never been to The Keg before, and he kept saying he was going to take me there someday. So he decided to surprise me yesterday and take me there. Oh. My. Lanta. I had the most amazing steak of my life last night. Seriously, the first bite was bliss. Filet mignon wrapped in bacon. In my opinion bacon makes everything better. I said to Chris, "there will be steak like this in Heaven." I also tried a Mai Tai for the first time, and I liked it! I'm not much of a drinker, but when I go out sometimes I like to have a drink with my dinner, and last night seemed like a good occasion. For dessert we had the most scrumptious mocha ice cream cake. Then we sat at the table for a half hour in a near food coma. I'm still thinking about that steak, a full day later :D

Seriously, though, I love my boyfriend. We have the most fun together, blowing where the wind takes us. And we talk about everything. I never thought that I would find someone so wonderful, who understands me and actually cares deeply about me. It's nice. Unfortunately we totally forgot to take any pictures yesterday, so I can't show you how good we looked. But we did look very good :D

Mail this week was slim. I'm planning to write some letters once I post this entry. (Also, random question, but does anyone know how I can make banners that actually say "incoming/outgoing"?)


A postcard (and letter) from Callie

Postcrossing card.

No outgoing this week, but I did make something cool I'd like to show you.

I made a mix cd for Chris, and I had so much fun making this case for it. I thought of the idea at work (because apparently I get my best ideas at work when I can't try them out immediately). I think it turned out pretty good!

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