Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My friends are the bestest. (Mail 1.4)

It was my birthday last week Friday. I think that having a birthday on the weekend is the best. I basically partied for three days straight (me being the huge party animal that I am...) Okay, so maybe I didn't "party" by other people's definition, but by my standards for sure. I got to spend time with good friends and make memories. Good enough party for me.

Because I love Chapters, we went there for a bit. Well, that's not the reason why, but it works. I decided to try on some sexy reading glasses.

Tiff doesn't wear glasses, so I took a picture of her with them so see how she would look. Meika is laughing at her in the background.

Mama T trying out the sexy librarian look.

Me with my good friend Meika. She is the leader of my worship team, and I love getting to hang out with her every month for 2 days straight.

Linny-Pooh. Oh my Linny-Pooh.

Lin, Frankie, and me. A silly bunch, we are.

Tiff and Mama enjoying the delicious gelati we had!

A nice picture of me and Frankie.

The girls walking hand in hand down the street.

The next day I went with Meika and Jolene to watch Letters to Juliet. It was really good! The three of us loved it. I would go see it again at the drop of a hat.

Last Sunday my sister and brother in law came over. We had fun.

The other day my brother wanted me to take a picture of him for his yearbook, because he is graduating this year. I took this picture of him, and looked at my review screen to see if it turned out. When I looked up I saw the quad flipped on its side! My stupid brother tipped it over! Luckily he was okay - just a scraped up elbow! At least the picture turned out great, so it was worth it.

My sweet little kittens! Captain Jack Sparrow, Gary, Baloo, and of course Charley. His teeny paws and pink nose drive me nuts. I love him <3

Good ol' Manitoba sunset. I love living on the prairies.

Last week I was driving home from work and it started raining. As I got onto the last stretch of highway, it was like a line dividing the huge black rain cloud and the blue sky. So cool. It looked better than this picture.

Lovely surprise flowers I received the other day! Lilies are my absolute favorite, and who doesn't love gerber daisies?

Mail Time!


I participated in a mix cd swap, which was so fun! I love new music!

This lovely package came from Jessica in Australia. She included a bookmark and a fridge magnet. I love koala bears - I think they are so cute! Really, I love all animals native to Australia and surrounding countries. Kangaroos, platypi, kiwis... so cute!

Amazing cover for the cd! And good music, at least what I've listened to so far.

Birthday card from my pen pal Margarita, who lives in the Netherlands. The card is shaped like a cake! How fun! And then the spot where she wrote the address is in the doily-looking part!

 Postcrossing card from China. I love panda bears! Soo cute!

Reply to my friend Steph. I wrote the letter on some stationery I printed off of this blog.

I didn't take pictures of the rest of my outgoing. It was only a couple letters and a postcrossing card, so it was okay.

And that is all for now, my friends! I am off to bed - work calls at 6 a.m....

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