Monday, June 14, 2010

Oh Monday... (Mail 1.5)

I hate Monday mornings. Oy. And I feel like it's still morning. Just having one of those days, I guess.

Mail time!


This is all, my friends. And I only got it a couple of hours ago, so I was prepared to write this post having nothing to show. Thanks, Steph!


Letter to Margarita in an envelope made from a magazine page.

You know the old saying, "write a letter to get a letter"? Well, the other day I went through my address book, and I wrote a postcard to people that I haven't heard from in several months. My letters seem to get lost in the mail, which of course is very sad, and sometimes people think I forget about them. So I just like to check up now and then. Is that pathetic? Maybe. But I never said I wasn't. The first one is a card I got from Chapters and for unknown reasons have been saving forever. The next picture has cards I got from a pen pal who went to Italy and sent me a box with 80 cards in it. Nice. The last one has cards I got from a Josh Groban concert almost 3 years ago (what the flip?!? It's been that long??) I used to be obsessed but trust me, I'm okay now.


  1. Felicia! I'm actually in the middle of writing you a letter. :) I don't always like writing a letter in one sitting, but I should be able to send out your letter by Monday or Tuesday. I wonder how long it'll take you. I'll let you know the day I send it out, and then will you do me a favor and let me know what day it arrives to you? :D

    Wishing you lots and lots of mail,
    Belen ♥

  2. Btw, i LOVE your banner! Postmarks and stamps really make me smile!