Monday, May 24, 2010

Random long weekend post (Mail 1.3)

A couple weeks ago my mom and I went on a total baking extravaganza. I kept meaning to post some pics of the products of our labor, but I never got around to it. Until now.

My first attempt at cinnamon buns and they turned out great. Delicious!!

Donuts... so good with a sticky glaze on them.

Lemon-raspberry loaf, ala Starbucks. It tastes pretty danged close!! (Only I made the icing too thin, but at least I know for next time)

My world famous chocolate chip cookies. This one flipped over as I took them off the pan, and it looks happy!!

My very first attempt at cheesecake, and it turned out pretty good! I think I baked it a few minutes too long but it still tasted pretty good. (That crack in the middle bothered me though...)

We also made some buns (white and brown), perishky (rolls filled with sausage), and fudge. Our kitchen smelled so good, and there was no room on the counters by the time we were done making stuff. Usually I'm not motivated to make so many things in one shot but sometimes I just get the urge.

Mail the past few weeks has been pretty few and far between. But I got a lovely letter inside this card from my friend Steph, who is living in Ontario for the summer.

A couple of postcrossing cards that I got this week. I didn't take any pictures of my outgoing, because it was only a couple of letters and a postcrossing card.

I also received my first Etsy purchase this week!!

Swirly ivy stationery
Pretty butterfly stationery. These were ordered from wevegotpaper, who has some fantastic stuff!
Check out all the extras she threw in! How great! I was seriously so excited to open it.

My cat had kittens a few weeks ago. They are sooo cute!! This is my baby Charley. I don't know if it's a girl or a boy yet, so I figure Charley works for both haha.

I got my hair cut on Friday, and my hairdresser always has fun styling it after. I don't think you can see the braid on the top of my head, but it was super cute! Sigh, I love getting my hair done.

Happy May long, everyone!

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