Friday, May 17, 2013

I'm a cutie, didn't you know?

*dusts off blog*

Oh, hey guys! You're still here? Sweet!

After 8 months without internet at home, we have taken the plunge and signed up for it again. Chris has been doing a lot of freelance design work lately, and it's really inconvenient for him to not be able to email his clients and collaborators from home while he's doing the work. Plus, I like blogging, hanging out on the League of Extraordinary Penpals forum, and stuff. And it feels good to be able to Google whenever I want to. So you'll be seeing a lot more of me again! I know you're excited about that :)

Last night I was looking through some old pictures I had on my hard-drive, and I found the folder of the pictures that we had in our wedding slideshow. It kind of made me want a baby really bad, because I realized that Chris and I were both amazingly adorable babies, so naturally we will make amazingly adorable babies.

Exhibit A:

So I guess I was cute at one point in my life. 

Exhibit B:

This picture cracks me up hysterically every time I see it! He still makes that face from time to time, haha.

See? Our kids will be freaking adorable. So I really want to have a baby now and see who they will look like more. I'm hoping Chris, he's hoping me. If only I weren't so afraid that I'm too immature to be a mama. But I know that when the time is right then God will let us know! Til then, I guess I'll stick to looking at baby pictures and praying and dreaming.


  1. wow I can go 8 days without it but 8 months? yikes! cute pics :)

  2. I'm all for you having baby soon, so get on with it Friend! ;-) You guys were super-cute babies, your kids are going to be so precious!

  3. Omg you two look so cute! I'm sure your babies will be awesome. :D

  4. What do you mean cute at one point?! You're cute now! I vote you guys make pretty babies asap. No one is ever truly ready and almost every parent is scared they won't be good at it, but you will be. I promise.

    x Jasmine