Thursday, January 10, 2013

January has hit southern Manitoba.

Hi kids! Did you all have a good Christmas and New Year? I had wonderful holiday, albeit very busy, but the January blahs have set in. Does anyone else experience that? I just want to sit and watch movies all the time. But for my School of Ministers program, we are doing a media fast, so basically: no non-Christian movies, books, or music. Added to that, we still don't have Internet at home. Even more added to that, we cancelled our data plan on our phones. Yes, Felicia is living a life of extreme forced boredom. So what to do?
Our Christmas gift from my parents! Yay! The cats love it - they look so comfy when they lie on it all day.

Go to our favourite café to have a wi-fi and chai latte date with Chris.
Do a 30 letters in 31 days project.
Join the League of Extraordinary Penpals (so excited!!!)
Get a copy of Les Miserables (from the church library, so it must be allowed!).
Dream up plans (that you may or may not hear about in the near-ish future *winkwink*)

My handsome husband on Christmas day at his parents. Wearing a shirt that I gave him for Christmas.

Along with those things, I am also doing a Postcrossing challenge with myself. Last year I only sent out 16 postcards! Pathetic! So this year I'm challenging myself to send out a card a week. I bought a little day planner from Dollarama (Disney Princesses! And Rapunzel, my favourite of all, is on my birth-month ! It's May, for future reference...) to keep track of my mail this year so I can see it in a more linear fashion than my other mail log notebook.

My Christmas gift from my dear Jasmine. Such a sweetheart.
What are some of your goals for 2013? How are you combating the January blahs? Do my friends in the Southern hemisphere experience January blahs too?


  1. Holla for May babies! *HIGH FIVE!*

  2. i joined the league of extraordinary penpals too, so excited :]
    my goals for this year are find a job i love, work on my blog and find more penpals!

  3. Oh, I totally get the January blahs too - and I watch way too much TV. Having to feed Miss G so often only adds to that, and I start to feel guilty! I think it's time to invest in more books.

  4. No January blahs here! It's my birthday, our wedding anniversary, my niece was born yesterday, my youngest sister's birthday is on the 26th and Australia Day is also on the 26th! All systems go down under! Plus, it's hot so it's swimming and beach season - woot!

    Oh my gosh, I SUCKED at postcrossing this year. SUCKED. I want to send out more postcards. I love them, they're so fun and easy to send! And speaking of which, be on the look out for one from Melbourne!

    Hooray for Disney Princess notebooks! Who is January's princess?

    x Jasmine

  5. Hey girl! I tagged you!