Thursday, November 22, 2012

Mail post 3.11

Observe: Storm the jerk.
Hey peeps. So I'm sitting here, feeling like Wolverine crawled into my throat and started slashing around in there for fun, and my nose is going at a steady drip, so what better way to spend my morning but to finally do a mail post?!?!? (I'm not really that excited but I got carried away with the punctuation there)

I received a delicious letter from Katyha - literally! I love Tim Tams! Australian peeps, take note.
From miss Kate in Alaska

Pac-man comes a chomping! Thanks Penny!

From Steffi. I believe this letter included a lovely postcard. (I'm not home to check so I'll just say that my memory is awesome and it did.)
Miri sent me a sweet pen and bookmark from her hometown.
My lovely sis-in-law Melissa sent me an accordion letter! I love it!
Olga sent me a sweet letter, and I love her glittery doodles on the envelope. And of course, a portrait of me and Chris!

A sweet letter and postcard from Callie. She also included some nail stickers, which I am so excited to try out!

From my new friend Zada in England. Thanks for all the treats! So sweet!
From the ever awesome Olive
I received a lovely swap from Elena. I requested matryoshka dolls and she delivered!
Yesterday I got my very first letter from Patty, who poached my address off of my blog here! Patty, you made me feel so famous! :)
From miss Lady Kay. I need some "hello my name is" stickers! So cool!

A cute letter from Elizabeth in Mexico!

This is how my desk used to look when I wrote letters but now that we don't have Netflix or internet that computer doesn't get taken out much.

Reply for Penny

Sorry I didn't have a velociraptor, Laura! Hopefully my Triceratops friend is good enough!

A reply for Katyha

What I sent to Elena for the swap. It included some airmail and bird items because she asked for either and I'm random like that.

For my auntie who moved to Ontario.

Suzanne is the only pen pal I've met in real life, 5 years ago already! We've lost touch through snail mail but we're hoping to start that up again.

For my cousin who got married and moved to the States. Why her hubby wouldn't want to move here, I don't know. Haha.

For another auntie who moved to Saskatchewan. I'm realizing that my family is becoming quite widespread here...

These are a bunch of notes I wrote for friends at church/school (which is actually the same thing haha). Now that you read this, I dare you to write a note to one of your real life friends and mail it to them or leave it in their mailbox at work or church or wherever! I double-dog dare you! Hahaha I don't think I need anymore medication, thanks. Wolverine, get out of here...


  1. A triceratops is more than enough! It was even 30 feet long, which was a close one because my mailbox is only 31 feet long. Whew, wouldn't it have been awkward if the triceratops didn't fit in the mailbox?! What would the neighbours think?!

  2. Lovely mail! I just received your letter today, my dear, thank you so much for it! :D

  3. Fi (yes, I said Fi, lol.). Remind me in your reply and I'll send some name stickers over with my letter!

    - Kendra

  4. so glad you loved the tim tams...I'll make sure to send you a full packet next time huh? hehe

  5. I LOVE your mail posts :D

    So, you love Tim Tams hey? I'll have to remember that ... :)

    x Jasmine

  6. sorry to be posting here again, just wanted to say thank you for the christmas card, it arrived safely and it was super cute. Hope your christmas was amazing and that 2013 is full of new and wonderful adventures xx

  7. How lucky are you to receive all these lovely mail! Hope you enjoy your tim tams. Get better soon too.

  8. Adorable envelopes! :D And so is the cat!:D

  9. GAH, I wish I wasn't so busy with school! I write like one letter a month... I wish I could tackle more! :(

  10. So great letters! I'm in love with...oh, all of them!