Sunday, November 11, 2012

4 Things Sunday 1.3

Time for another round of my goals for the week!

Last time I posted, these were my goals:
1. Finish organizing my office!
2. Paint the spare room (we bought the paint and I have a day off on Friday!)
3. Write 5 letters (only did 2 last week)
4. Make my Christmas list

I did pretty good - I am almost done organizing the office, I painted the spare room, and I made my Christmas list!

For this week:
1. Absolutely finish organizing the office
2. Write 5 letters (so behind - my apologies)
3. Finish Christmas shopping
4. Clean my house

As always, feel free to comment with your list!


  1. I have the day off on Friday this week and I want to go to Pier 1 and buy Christmas decorations!! Plus I should try to bake some things to take home for Thanksgiving!

  2. It's good to keep a to do list on the blog. I think it keeps you accountable (And I need that with my to to lists). I hope you get every thing done. I need to finish my letters and finish going through my US photos.

  3. How did you go with your list? I wrote myself a huge 'Things To Do Before The End of 2012' list and only managed to do a few of them, but the things I did do were the big things like editing over 5000 photos!

    x Jasmine