Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Random (old) pictures.

Well, I have had this draft saved since JUNE! WHAT THE HECK, FE?? Um, so these pictures were all taken around Mother's Day weekend, when my family took our semi-annual trip to North Dakota for shopping and hanging out. We ate at Paradiso's, which is awesome Mexican food, went shopping at stores we don't have here in Canada, and saw the Avengers. So. Freaking. Awesome. Also, there is one picture from my birthday at the end of May, and one from our first anniversary in June! So enjoy these old-ish pictures.

Still at home: Doesn't Storm look so fat here, cuddling her straw? I love her.
At Paradiso: Chris gave me this depressed face...

So I gave him this face...

My parents, married for 34 years! They both look happy here, which is rare. Dad doesn't smile in pictures much.

Waiting for our table at... I forget. Not Texas Roadhouse but some other steakhouse. My family likes steak. Also, my siblings are weirdos and I love them.

A decent picture of me and Chris!
Interesting billboard, no? Depression on the left, and a lady that looks like she's going to jump on the right??

At the theatre: Valida and Brenden imitating the Hulk.

Me imitating Thor without having taken a proper look at the picture. Geez.

Clockwise: Mom, Valida, and me after our traditional Mother's Day pedicures!  (Not at the theatre, how did this get here? Oh I don't want to mess up the pictures so here it will stay.)

Tyrone loves Scarlett Johansson.

And apparently he loves Andy Samburg too.
Oh yeah! My house! Look at my cheerful yellow door! I painted it at the beginning of June, and I just love it. My 7-year old neighbour told me that her mom doesn't like it. Because our side door is also painted this colour and is exactly across from their kitchen, she has to look at it when she does the dishes and she thinks it is the worst colour ever. I don't feel bad though because it is clearly not the worst colour. (We have nice neighbours, don't worry. Also, you know kid's interpretations of things they hear their parents say.)

Birthday ice cream cake for me. Yum yum. (My birthday is May 28 and I love presents! Next year I turn quarter of a century, so that's a big one that should be celebrated with presents.)

This is the only decent picture I got of us on our anniversary, and even so we look like derps. Oh well. Happy one year, babe! Here's to 60 more years of being derps together!
I should do these more often. And maybe try to post recent pictures.

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  1. Cute pics, dear. :) I love your house and your yellow house, no matter what your neighboor says. xD