Monday, August 6, 2012

Mail post 3.8

Hallo my dear readers! Today I spent the day outside (shock and awe!) at the heritage museum here in town with my hubby and dear friend Estela. We may or may not have sunburns. Chris may or may not have burned his freshly shaven head (poor hubby). It was quite hot, but not as hot as it's been lately. Plus there was a nice breeze that got the windmill going. I took a zillion pictures so I will post some later this week.

Right now, it's time for some mail. These are not in any particular order, and I apologize if I missed a picture of your letter!

From the lovely Laura. I really like what she did with the washi tape!
From my awesome sister in law. She sent me some tea from the coffee house she works at.

From Penny in Brazil. She has just started her own mail blog, check it out (okay, I almost wrote "sheck" it out which is how my Mennonite mother would say it. I have lived in this area too long.)

From Miri in New Zealand

From dear Olga in the Ukraine.

A cute handmade card from my new friend Ely in Mexico. Check out her blog as well!

Stickers and envelopes from my darling Belen.

I die over the Pixar stamps! Thank you dear!!

Okay, the Dr Seuss stamp from Merissa is also amazing. The USPS has way better stamps than Canada Post. Not fair.

Snail Mail Fan sent me this sweet Titanic stamp.

And Kelly used Franklin! Okay, maybe we do have cool stamps as well :P

And a lovely letter from Melanie. Her Care Bear address labels always put a smile on my face.

To my cousin in Alberta. She just started her own blog, like today!

For Lauren. You'll see me use washi tape a lot like this from now on. I love it.

To Abbye in Ireland. I spent an evening collaging envelopes and you will see some of my fruits in these pictures as well.

For my dearest Callie.

A reply for Laura. Honestly, we have so much in common it's hilarious.

A reply for my sis.

For a new friend, Katelynn. I'm excited to get to know someone from Alaska! She's also my first pen pal from Instgram, which is cool.

A few Postcrossing cards going out. I was a really good girl and I actually wrote them out on the same day that I requested the addresses! Usually I request addresses and then write the cards like a week later. Bad Fe.

To Olive, who has finally figured out her mailbox issues! Hurrah!

Long overdue reply going out to Lady Kay!

A couple things I wanted to note today:
1. If you have a blog and you send me mail, I will always link back to it. If you write to me, and I don't link back to your blog, that means I don't know you have a blog! In that case, please let me know what your blog address is.
2. I don't think that the links show up in a different colour on my blog. I'm going to change that.
3. I will only leave your first name and your state/country in the pictures. I don't want creepy online people stalking you and have it be my fault. I only leave addresses if I know for a fact that you do it on your blog. If you don't want me to show your state or your country, then let me know and I won't do that either!

Have a good mail day, my friends! Send out at least one mail item this week!


  1. oh boy oh boy. also i have a blog. not that it is updated a lot. i should work on that. there are quite a few unpublished drafts.

  2. I really like your collaged envelopes! I quite like collages, but I don't have the eye/skill for them.

  3. I'm such a slacker on my mail posts! That's not to say I'm a slacker when it comes to replying to letters.. but at least I reply more than I do post! :P

  4. I'm always happy to see my letters in here. :)
    Oh, I also love Melanie's tag (and I consider it weird/funny that we have the same penpal, I'm not used to that, xD).

    Your envelopes are simply gorgeous, as well as those Franklin stamps, I always liked Franklin. :)

  5. Love, love, love mail posts! :D

    Do you have a lot of windmills in your area?

    x Jasmine