Tuesday, May 8, 2012

DIY desk inspiration.

Lately I've really been wanting to repaint my office, and I plan on doing it sometime this month. I also decided that my desk needs a fresh coat of paint, so I've been trying to come up with something simple yet creative to do with it. I'm torn between doing a pastel yellow or a pastel purple colour.

This is how it looks now. It's a standard desk, drawers on both sides. It's not made from nice wood or anything, so it definitely needs to stay painted. (I'm not looking forward to sanding it down, but that's another story)

One thing I've seen that intrigues me is doing an ombre kind of look. It's just so in right now, you know? Here are some ideas I got from Pinterest.

Here are some ideas that are not ombre, but still very cool:

If you see anything out there that you think is awesome, feel free to share it with me! Leave a comment with a link, or tag me in a pin (my username is feedotbee). I'm hoping to get this done sooner than later, and of course I will show off my results!


  1. oooo i love the last picture! i've always been obsessed with desks, but the one i have is practicle and...boring :(

  2. Those ombre ideas are so cool! I never would've thought of that!

  3. k, totally wanna help you with this, looks like fun

  4. Love your blog, check mine and we can follow each other if you like :)


  5. You know, when you first suggested ombre I was like, "Say what?!" But seeing the yellow ombre in an actual picture I say go for it! LOVE it! And to make sure the yellows match, you could easily buy one colour yellow and get the pain store to add varying amounts of white to different pots for you.

    x Jasmine