Monday, April 30, 2012

Links for your Monday.

Time for a link post! I've had this draft saved for about 3 weeks already, so I figured that I should just post it already!

A nice blog post on someone's mail writing process

Geeky Easter Eggs! My favorite one is the first one of Eve, from Wall-E. So stinking cute!

LOVING the pattern on these aerograms, not loving the price tag. Still, please look at them because they are lovely.

A post about some awesome things about Canada. You can all visit me when you decide to come here :)

Someone figured out how to use food coloring to make beautifully tinted pastel icing at home! 

My friend Lindsay took part in the best flash mob ever and wrote about her experience.

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  1. :)


    Those icings are lovely! And I thought I didn't like pastels.