Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Changes ahead

For a few weeks now, I've been thinking about changing my blog name. I still like my current one, but I feel like I've gone through so many changes, and I want to re-invent my blog a bit. I'm not sure how I intend to do that, but I figure a new name is a good place to start.

My new name would be Light & Shadow. I googled it, and there isn't any super popular blog with that title, so I should be good there. I just love the image that it brings to mind. I've always loved the play between the two. And I was listening to a David Crowder song with the lyric "life is full of light and shadow" and I thought of how true that is of my life. It's been full of joy and also full of hardship, and yet doesn't the light always prevail over the shadow? Anyway, I felt that was a very evocative image. So expect in the next week or so for me to make the change.

And right after Chris made me a blog button. It's on the side if you want to see it.


  1. I love your button! Props to Chris. And your new name is super poetic. I think it's great :)

  2. Love the idea behind the new name! And I love the little button Chris made - hopefully it won't be too hard to change!

    x Jasmine

  3. Yeah.. I love the idea...
    Even you can add the new name...
    I think it would be easy to change...
    Hardship Letter