Monday, June 27, 2011


The postal strike is over! Hooray!! I have some mail that is just ready and waiting to go out. I'll post those pics tomorrow (my first mail post in how long?), since tonight my laptop is being incredibly slow and I don't feel like trying to upload pictures from my phone right now.

I went back to work today after having 2 weeks off. That was pretty good, except that our problem with the back covers has now caught up with us. Well, to start off, I work at a printers. I am part of the summer agenda production team. Every summer Premier (my workplace) makes several million agendas for schools across Canada. I work as a coiler, which is hideously boring. I sit at my station all day, lifting stacks of unbound books and running coils into them. The only perk is that I get to listen to my iPod all day, and during slow times I can read my book :)

This year, Premier outsourced the inserts to a different printer than previous years, and therefore they used a different kind of ink. After half a week of producing agendas, they discovered that this ink is reacting negatively with the back covers of the books and making the edges totally curl up. This is not acceptable, so we have had to wait for new back covers and put pouches as kind of a protective shield with the old covers. We make two sizes of books (8.5x11 and 7x9) and I work on the 7x9 side. Today, we ran out of covers for the 7x9s. Sooo I mostly sat around reading a book that I picked up the other day (I made it through two-thirds of the book at work!) and then sometimes swept the floor in random places just to look kind of busy. Since we won't be getting covers until Thursday, I have the next two days off! So I have a 2 day work week. Spanktacular :P Tomorrow will be spent doing laundry and writing my essays, among other random errands.

I hope you all have more luck at work than me.

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