Sunday, June 26, 2011

Back with a different name!

Hi friends! I'm back from my honeymoon and settling into married life! We had a lovely time just relaxing in our cabin that we rented. Our house is being cleaned, slowly but surely. (I desperately need bookshelves to house my hundreds of books. They are currently in stacks on my floor, which is not intensely practical.) I feel like in the next couple of weeks there will finally be house pictures. Our photographer anticipates having our photos to us by mid-July, which is exciting. I cannot wait to see them! The wedding day went perfectly - the weather was perfect, and nothing truly horrible happened that day. The ceremony was in the evening, and I only crashed at around 10 when most of the guests had left and my family was cleaning up the church. I thought that was pretty amazing. I suppose you want to hear more, but I have 2 essays to complete and submit by Thursday for my final English credits via correspondence. (Yes, I am a procrastinator and I left it to the last minute. I think I have a valid excuse though!) Once those are done, I will be as free as a bird and I will have plenty of time for mail, blogging, and reading. Excited :)

xoxo Mrs. B ;)

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  1. Yay, you're back!! I can't wait to see some photos from your wedding!

    x Jasmine