Monday, June 27, 2011

Blast From the Past

For my first Movie Monday in ages, I'd like to review a movie I watched a few weeks ago on Netflix. I know that a lot of the movies recommended on the home page are not movies that interest me at all. But years ago I saw a few scenes from this movie on tv, and it looked like a fun movie, so I gave it a try when it popped up.

Brendan Fraser plays Adam, a man who was born in a fallout shelter his eccentric father built in the 60s during the Cold War. After 35 years of knowing nothing but this shelter and his parents, Adam ventures to the surface to find the world drastically changed from the one his parents knew and taught him about. In his excursion, he meets Eve, and he enlists her help to gather more supplies for the shelter. Now, with characters named Adam and Eve, you probably don't need to guess too hard at how the movie ends...

I thought this movie was going to be super lame; and granted, it was lame in parts. However, I actually really enjoyed it. I absolutely loved Adam - he was such a gentleman, and he treated Eve in a way she had never been treated before. That was super sweet.

I don't have any huge negatives about this movie. There is a character who is a total burnout, and when Adam comes out of the shelter he takes him to be Jesus. This becomes a running joke for the rest of the movie, and I did feel that it got a little overdone toward the end. But overall the movie was really funny. Since it's free on Netflix, give it a try next time you want a silly, light-hearted movie.

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  1. I've seen parts of this movie and it looked really sweet. I'll have to watch it again in full soon!

    x Jasmine