Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Where did my brain fall out? Oh there it is.

Hola, mi amigas.

After counting my assignments again on Monday, I realized that I was back up to 14. There was a paper and a presentation I forgot on my original list. I finished that paper I forgot, so I am down to 13 assignments

Research Methods - 1 paper and 1 presentation (with partner) = 2
Environmental Science - 1 paper and 1 presentation =2
Global Problems & Change - 3 papers and 1 presentation =4
Biblical Poetry - 1 paper and 1 project = 2
Intro to Theatre - 1 paper and 1 presentation = 2
Literature for Children - 2 lessons [this is my correspondence course, so I actually have to give myself due dates otherwise I don't do anything for 3 weeks at a time]

(FELICIA stares blankly at the screen. The gears in her mind can be heard distinctly as she begins to clue in to what she has just typed.)

What?!?! That's still 14!!!

(FELICIA runs into a corner to cry. After losing her mind for several centuries, she comes back to her laptop and sits down in a calm manner.)

Okay. I'm cool now.

I have come to terms with the fact that I very plainly do not know how to count.


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