Friday, October 22, 2010

Filling in the blanks 1.3

 courtesy of Lauren
1.   I am  a lover of Jesus, a girlfriend, a sister, a daughter, a student, a friend, happy, easily humoured, Canadian, a music lover, a writer, and a reader.

2.  I wish  that one of those places I applied at would hire me.

3.  I like  red leaves, nailpolish, Coldplay, chocolate, old Laurel & Hardy movies, letters in the mail, chai lattes, snuggling with Chris, star-gazing, the colour purple, and books books books.

4.  I can  sing alto harmony by ear, play Expert guitar on Rock Band, and drive standard.  

5.  I hope  to finish my paper before this afternoon, lose a considerable amount of weight before next summer, and stay on top of my homework.

6.  I think  that Jesus is the best, Chris is the sweetest boyfriend ever, and you are all lovely and should be told so every day.

7.  I was  trying to think of something fun to do this weekend, and also thinking I need to get going to school, so I will do that now.

1 comment:

  1. 1. I totally know how you feel about wanting to get hired. So many of us are in that same boat.

    2. Yeah for altos who sing by ear!

    3. Double yeah for Jesus!