Monday, September 12, 2016


I have been very blessed to be married to a very creative man. We have many conversations about our creative dreams and projects we would like to do. For awhile now Christopher has wanted to do a poster-a-day project, where he designs a poster everyday. He works as a graphic designer, but he misses designing just for fun. I decided to start my own project alongside him, partly to support him, and partly because I would like to challenge myself. So I said that I would write everyday that he designed a poster.

However, I didn't realize that he wanted to do it for a whole year! But I already committed, so here we go.

Day one of writing every day.

For a year.

It might not be a blog post everyday, as I'm also counting things like writing letters and doing writing prompts for short stories, maybe even writing poetry. But I will try to post here as much as possible. I'm kind of excited to see what might happen as I grow over this challenge. And I really hope that both Chris and I will stick it out the whole year, that would be pretty big for us. We are very similar and we tend to lose stream on things after awhile. Hopefully this will be the one that sticks, wish us luck!

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