Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Summer musings (I try to get poetic from time to time).

Today has had the most beautiful weather that we have had in a long time. Hot, but with a delicious breeze that makes you feel happy. I drove home from work with the windows down and the music turned up. I went for a walk to the mailbox, which held treasures from new friends, and I just wanted to stay out there. I probably will go back out for a short walk when I'm done writing this, but when my soul feels filled, I actually have words to write, and so I want to write them before I lose that feeling.

I've been relishing this stage of life that I am in right now. Married and enjoying every moment of life with my wonderful man. We sure want to have children at some point, and almost every day lately there is a little pang of longing to have a baby growing in me, but I still love this freedom that we have to just enjoy our youth together. We are still young, and we have a lot of things we can do before we become parents. I hear so much from our friends and cousins who have young kids - "enjoy this stage while you can; you don't get it back." And I know that having kids will be the greatest adventure, and I look forward to it. I know that the biggest call on my life is to be a Godly mama. But for now I treasure the call that I have in this moment, which includes being active in my church, working the best that I can (although I don't always succeed, I am trying and I am learning about myself at the same time), giving my husband a home he loves to come back to, and building up relationships with friends that I have let slip away a little bit. I dream of baby names every day, and I pray that they will love Jesus and that they will have blue eyes like their daddy. All the while I dream of this, while I think about Paris in springtime, staying at the Sylvia Beach hotel on the Pacific coast, walking in an Italian vineyard in autumn, and watching the snow fall while I enjoy a cup of hot chocolate from my very own kitchen window. My heart is full, and it longs for more. The future looks wonderful, but my present is where I want to be.


  1. Love this post. You definitely should enjoy this time! It's a sweet time when you can just be spontaneous with your hubby, and while kids add so much to life, they do take a bit of the ability to be spontaneous away. There are things to enjoy in every life stage, and I'm glad you are taking the time to enjoy them!

  2. Enjoy this time as just you and the hubby. Grow closer, build a strong foundation of your marriage. Things may change as you enter into that next step and you will never regret the time you take now to strengthen. With God and your hubby by your side, you can do anything!