Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wishlist Wednesday 1.3 - Geeky baby

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law are expecting a baby girl in September, and I'm super excited about it! Since I seem to have babies on the brain, I was looking on Etsy for possible gifts to shower my new niece with. I'll tell you this, we're all a bunch of geeks around here, and if you type "Marvel baby" or "geeky baby" as your search query, you will find a bunch of things that make me squee. Keep them in mind when the day comes for me to have a baby.

Ironman onesie
Marvel hair bow clip
Marvel  diaper bag

Classic Nintendo controller onesie

Superhero girls pacifier clip
Avenger in training onesie
Avengers cloth diaper
Avengers baby booties
Level 1 human onesie
Totoro crochet toque

Just so you know, Ironman and the Hulk are completely acceptable for baby girls.


  1. Ah! These are all so cute! You guys need to make a cute baby for me spoil!

    x Jasmine

  2. Ahh!! So cute!

    Pst, DragonCon comes to Atlanta this weekend. You should come and go to the parade with me. :P