Sunday, October 28, 2012

4 Things 1.2

I have had a very productive week, and yet it feels so unproductive at the same time! I completed item one from last week - 2 garbage bags of clothes for the thrift store, 1 garbage bag of old jeans for my mom to cut up and make into jean quilts, and 1 garbage bag of actual garbage. So that felt super great to accomplish, but those 3 bags to being away are still sitting in my car, waiting for me to drop them off, so it feels like I'm not done yet. I did also complete item 2 on my list last night, go for coffee with a friend, and we had a great time! But I started some other projects, and right now my office is a disaster area. Dis. As. Ter.

So for this weeks goals:
1. Finish organizing my office!
2. Paint the spare room (we bought the paint and I have a day off on Friday!)
3. Write 5 letters (only did 2 last week)
4. Make my Christmas list

What are your goals? If you play along please let me know!


  1. It's crazy because I wasn't expecting it, but I got loads done last week. Job searching, email sending, and on and on. This week, Ha! No idea. :)

    But go to, Felicia! Kill 'em dead!

  2. I just went back and looked at the things I said I'd like to achieve and I managed to finish reading the book, find an outfit for my brother's wedding and write one of the two letters. So, not too bad!

    How's the painting going? I can't wait to see photos!

    My goals for this week are:
    1. Write more letters
    2. Edit a bunch of photos
    3. Organise as much Christmas stuff as I can
    4. Go to bed early

    x Jasmine