Sunday, October 21, 2012

4 things 1.1

Hi friends. How ya been? I miss you guys. I am still liking the no internet at home thing, except for being able to hang out with you in this space, seriously.

I saw on Sally's blog that she started a Sunday feature: 4 goals for the week that she would like to accomplish. I decided that I would follow suit, because I like making lists and setting goals. My C personality likes to make goals and talk about them, but then not actually do them, but when I tell people then I usually actually get it done.

1. Purge and organize the bedroom
2. Go for coffee with a friend
3. Write 5 letters
4. Make my Christmas shopping list

What are your 4 things? Leave a comment!


  1. Hmm ... what are my four things?

    1. Finish putting away my Winter clothes.
    2. Write at least two letters.
    3. Find an outfit for my brother's wedding.
    4. Finish reading a book I've been trying to read since April (can you tell I'm not really into it?)

    x Jasmine

  2. My four things are:

    1. Finish the story I'm working on and submit it before the copy deadline.
    2. Finish at least two letters.
    3. Finish reading at least one book.
    4. Go for dinner with an old friend.

    Clearly, the theme of my week's goals is to complete things I've been putting off. :)

  3. I love it! So glad you're taking part. Christmas list is definitely a good one :) x

  4. I love listing goals! I'm gonna post my list later today. :D

  5. 1. Mail my mother's birthday letter and books to my friend's school in the Philippines
    2. Fill out an application for this one work opportunity back home-home
    3. Crank out two more blog posts
    4. Edit photos from this month

    I also think I should add "Spend at least one night out with friends and not holed up in my room." Ha.