Saturday, September 29, 2012

Some random thoughts and baby booties.

Hello, my beautiful friends! I am currently sitting in a local coffee shop (LBee's, really fun place) taking advantage of their free wi-fi, eating a delicious piece of chocolate pie, and sipping on a chai latte.

I love chocolate pie.

I love chai lattes.

That's all I have to say to you today.


Kidding! I'm just in a silly mood right now. Life without internet at home has made me a bit loopy. Seriously, though, it's actually kinda cool. I've been pumping out mail really good (and if I was smart I would have remembered to bring my camera so I could upload the pictures I've been taking!) and being really productive around my house. I cleaned out my fridge today, y'all. That's always a huge accomplishment. I can now slack off for the rest of the week, yes!!

In some cool news, Tuesday was my last day at Staples! I got a job at Warehouse One as a full-time key-holder - go me! I worked today, and I folded about 100 t-shirts and 150 camisoles. Very exciting. Then I went home and folded 2 loads of laundry and have another 2 waiting for me when I get home. Oh life. Anyway, the job is good so far. I just really hate the training stage. I like it when I'm confident in what I'm doing. Hopefully soon!

I've been looking on Craftgawker and Ravelry for some knitting patterns. My dear friend Callie has a bun in the oven and I want to make something to send her! Here are some of my considerations:

Winter Baby Boots
Baby Moccasins
Baby Uggs
Baby Janes
As you can tell, I want to knit some booties! (Funny story: when I was born, one of my best friends was living next to my parents. Her mom knit a pair of baby booties and baked some buns, and brought them over to my parents. 20 years later when I met my friend, she realized this and told her mom. Then when I met her mom she declared "Booty Girl!") I'm not sure if I'm crazy about buttons on baby booties, so I would just skip them if I picked one of those.

That's all for now, my dears. Keep it real! Don't forget about me, breakfast clubbers!


  1. Wow, you're on fire with your organisation! I don't think I've ever cleaned my fridge. Now I feel like I probably should ... :-/

    So what does a full-time key holder do? I'm intrigued! Awesome work on landing a new job though! I bet you feel awesome for it! :D

    LOVE all of those booties. So ridiculously cute!

    x Jasmine

  2. Those boots are beautiful. I just love baby shoes. :D

    I wonder if you got my letter. It's nice to hear from you and to know you got a new job. Good luck with it. :D

  3. Oh Felicia, you are so sweet! I'm so impressed that you can knit baby booties! I LOVE all of those too! Gosh, this will teach me to wait so long to catch up in my reader - I might have missed this post! :-)