Saturday, June 23, 2012

mail post 3.7

 Yeah, mail post! Here's a story of why I haven't posted one in so long:

When Chris was in school, he got to use a Macbook. My Dell is older now and runs pretty slow, so I used his Acer because he was using the Macbook. Chris has Photoshop on his Acer, so I started using that to edit my pictures. Now Chris is done school and he had to return the Macbook, so now I am back to using my Dell and he is using his Acer. Since I don't have Photoshop on my Dell, I couldn't edit the pictures, and since I had some on my laptop, and some on my camera, and some on Chris' laptop, I just felt like it was too much work to gather them all together and use Chris' laptop to edit them. But last night Chris was not home, and I needed something to do, so I decided that it would be a perfect time to edit my pictures. So there you go. That is my story.

And now, something interesting.

From Kay in Indiana

A wonderful birthday present from Jasmine!
A letter from her followed the next day! How wonderful!

A letter from my college friend Miriam, who has just moved to Israel to volunteer for an organization for 6 months. I'm so excited for her!
A letter from my college friend Steph, who sent us an invitation to her wedding just a couple days after I received this.
A letter from Miss Lauren who lives in New Jersey. She wasn't too proud of her sketches, but I think they're lovely! I sure can't draw. I leave that to my hubby.
A birthday card and letter from my cousin Vaughn in Alberta.
A letter from the lovely Abbye in Ireland. She sent me a birthday card a week before I got this letter, too. You guys were so awesome with birthday cards, btw. I love them!
A note from Emilie. I want to get my hands on some "Hello my name is..." labels! We don't even sell them at Staples! LAME.
Gorgeous stamps and fun stickers from Steffi in Germany.
A nailpolish sample from my longest-time penpal, Callie. Funny story - the day before I got this letter, I was contemplating buying the very same nailpolish! (Tart Deco from Essie)
A lovely letter from Lady Kay in California. I love that she has a script typewriter. I would love to get one of those!
A lovely reply from Olive in Oregon (hehe alliteration makes me giggle). Already we've discovered that we are so similar that I'm sure it will be very funny as more letters are exchanged.
A letter and crane from a Snail Mail Fan. She put on stamps that showed the progression of Canada through its growing as a country. Very cool.

The creatures say hello to Olga from the Ukraine.
My first letter to Olive. I didn't have tons of time for decorating this envelope as I wanted to get my pile in the mailbox!
A first letter going out to Laura. I really enjoy her blog, so I decided to write to her.
The creatures are going to greet Kay.
My reply to Snail Mail Fan.
Some outgoing Postcrossing cards. Yes, there is a card of the world's largest dump truck (I had to just get rid of it, I had to! Don't judge me.)
A letter for my sis-in-law.
A letter for dear Abbye.
A letter for Miss Alice Miriama
For Melanie in New Jersey. I am actually quite fond of my candy box envelope. I should make more.
Errrr... a Postcrossing card? I can't remember.
That's all for today, my dears! Why not take a minute and write a note to a friend you're missing, or make a card for an upcoming birthday? Have a happy mail day!


  1. I love seeing my own letters in these posts!

    1. I know the feeling! It's always so exciting when someone posts about you!

  2. Replies
    1. Well yours is too - speaking of which, I got your letter today! Yay! Can't wait to write back!

  3. You receive/send such beautiful mail, Felicia! <3 I love to see it. I hope to see my next letter here soon.


    1. I hope to see it too! Can't wait!

  4. I love mail posts! :D

    I'm glad you liked your birthday present, and how cool that the letter and present arrived so close together!

    x Jasmine