Thursday, January 26, 2012

Snail mail is awesome. 3.1

Mail post! I've been doing a fair bit of letter writing these days. Finding new people to write, hearing from people that I lost contact with for a while. It's all good! I had quite a few Christmas cards come in, which was awesome. I didn't take any pictures of the letters that came in... But here's pictures of my outgoing mail!

For Steffi in Germany. We had lost contact for over a year, I messaged her on the Postcrossing forum where we met, and I got her details again. Sweet.
For fellow Canadian Kelly. This was a first letter and we'll see if I hear back from her.
Going to my darling Julia.
For one of my newer pen pals, Kotona.
For one of my very first pen pals, Callie!
Going to dear Jasmine
Letters going out to my sister-in-law, 100 Days of Snail Mail, and Steffi


  1. yey i love snail mail :) Jasmine is a snail mail pal of mine too :)

  2. Hey! It would be really awesome if we became pen pals, too :D But I'd be in Canada soon anyway lol. I remember you always showing me your hundreds of postcards from all over the world :) Those were so cool. Still think of that!

  3. I heart snail mail!!

    I'm so behind on my replies. I got sick in October and I haven't really been able to catch up of things like blogging and snail mail. It's always the thing you love that get left behind! I will write soon, I promise!

    x Jasmine

  4. Isn't mail the best!? I love all your colorful envies and stamps. I'm excited to be swapping Valentine's with you! :)