Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pretty dresses for the plus-sized that walk among us.

Hi everyone! Lately I've been thinking about my wardrobe and how sparse it is. Especially when it comes to summer wear. I would like to start wearing dresses more - I love to wear dresses and skirts, but it seems that most of the dresses I find lately are buttons up the front. I really hate to wear things that button up the front because I'm so... *ahem* well-endowed that they just gape across my chest, and if I get the next size up then it's too big everywhere else. So I prefer to wear things that don't have buttons. Plus I have this problem of being plus-sized, so for some reason Google thinks that when I type in "plus sized dresses" they think I weight 400 pounds and am interested in muumuus (what a funny looking word!). Wrong, Google. I want to wear pretty dresses that still show off my figure. I'm only a 1X, for Pete's sake! I would hardly consider myself obese. Just super curvy :P

Since I have zero luck in stores, I decided to see what kind of dresses I could find online. I was actually surprised at some of the things I found. You'll see the thing that surprised me most at the end.

>>I have no idea what website I found these dresses on. But I think they're super pretty!

Milan dress - $130

Ruffle dress - $68

Martina - $105
>>The following are from Poetrie (which I checked out because of another blog post I had seen [Lindsay, I thought it was you but I couldn't find the post!!], but none of these dresses are close to my size. I still like them though.)
Meet & Greet - $66

Eyelet Love - $64

The Social Network dress - $51

Oreo dress - $90

Queen of the Jungle dress - $60

The Creme Brulee dress - $31

>>The following are from Modcloth:
Raspberry Iced Tea dress - $48

Midnight Bird Song dress - $95

Coach Tour dress (violet) - $48

Today's the Day dress - $75

Modern Fairytale dress - $155

I'll be honest with you, I had never been on the Modcloth website before writing up this post. I just assumed that because it was popular, they wouldn't have plus-sized dresses. But they actually do! I typed in "XL sundresses" and Modcloth was one of the top suggestions! I couldn't believe it! These are definitely the favorites of the dresses I posted about, so I may be making a purchase from them one of these days...


  1. Girl, I get you! I'm a 1X, too, and I'm really excited because TJ Maxx is getting more "plus size" clothing, but it's all super ugly and too baggy. I want the cute clothes that you have in XS, but just a little bit bigger, goddangit! Not a muumuu because I wear an extra large. Try I've bought about 4 dresses from them and I've been happy with most of them, and returns are free!

    1. Oooh thank you! I will certainly check that site out!

  2. Ohh you have found some pretty pretty dresses. I love wearing dresses and skirts in summer. They are so breezy and so easy to wear. I love Modcloth and can't wait until I make my first purchase from that site. I hope you get to as well!

  3. Hooray for dresses, for dresses posts, and for finding dresses the right size!! And hooray for awesome stores like Poetrie and Modcloth!
    I really like your choices, by the way!
    And "muumuu" just looks ridiculous. :)

  4. Have you seen this site? They go up to a 3X, and apparently they'll customise it if your waist/hips/bust are bigger/smaller than normal sizing which is really cool!

    x Jasmine