Monday, October 31, 2011

Back to the Future trilogy

Hello, my lovely readers. Time for another edition of...

The Back to the Future trilogy

Chris and I watched these movies a few weeks ago. I had never seen them before, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

In the first movie, Doc Emmett Brown invents a time machine in 1985, and asks his young friend Marty McFly to help him document the first run. Through a series of unfortunate events, Marty gets sent to the day in 1955 that his parents were supposed to meet... Note "supposed". Because Marty shows up in the past, he prevents his parents meeting, and thereby could prevent their marriage, and eventually his own birth. He finds Doc, and with his help they work out a plan to set future events right.

Doc and Marty trying out the time machine

Marty playing at the dance where his parents are supposed to fall in love

Bit of an Oedipus thing going on here with Marty's mom, Lorraine

The iconic time machine

The second and third movies were just as funny and action-filled (although I think the first one is my favorite of the three). In Back to the Future II, Marty and Doc go the year 2015 to help change Marty's loser kids path. However, someone from their '85 past recognizes them and "borrows" the time machine to go to '55 and change his own future. When Doc and Marty arrive back in '85, they find that things are much different than they left them. After realizing happened, they must again go back to '55 and prevent things from going into the wrong hands to return their present to the right state. (Make sense? I'm trying not to give too much away if you have never seen them!) At the end of the movie, a fiasco happens with the time machine, and Doc gets sent to 1885 with Marty left behind in 1955.

 A moment with the McFly family

Hahaha! Evil will never prevail!

The third movie picks up where the second one left off, with Marty alone in 1955. Since Doc was farther in the past with the time machine, he left it somewhere where Marty would be able to find it in his time. Doc also writes Marty to leave him be in the past, he likes his life there, but Marty is determined to bring him back. Of course, things happen that cannot be left as-is in the past, otherwise their future will be ruined. Along the way, Doc finds love for the first time in his life, and he must choose whether to stay with her or return to his rightful place in time.

The final chapter

In every movie there is a photo that plays a key part in the plot. (Love Doc's doofy face here!)

I recommend these movies for a fun movie night with friends, where everyone can sit back and just laugh. Pour some Pepsi, pop some corn, and settle in for a wild ride.

Have you seen them? What did you think? Can you recommend some movies I should watch and possibly feature?


  1. i remember watching these movies with my brothers :)

    thanks for the comment on my blog and for following me! i agree,princess kate is a fantastic example of a true princess.

    happy halloween!

  2. Back to the Future III was the first movie I saw in the cinemas! I love that Trilogy.

    Ross's boss owns a Deloreon, it's so cool.

    x Jasmine