Saturday, October 8, 2011

10 facts about me.

1. When a recipe calls for chocolate chips, I always eyeball how much I put in. Always. Who wants what it calls for? More please!

2. (no offense to anyone!) When people call Native Americans "Indians" it really annoys me. Mostly because it's just geographically incorrect!! They're not from India, so they're not Indians!!!! Sigh.

3. I love the smell of campfire smoke. At this time of year a lot of the farmers burn their fields and it smells like smoke for days. Awesome :)

4. I love Slurpees and ice cream in -40C weather. Yes, I'm weird.

5. I didn't grow up with Christmas traditions like hanging stockings or watching a certain movie every year with the family. We don't even have our family Christmas on the same day every year.

6. I start thinking about Christmas shopping at the end of September.

7. Swearing in a movie turns me off more than sex scenes or violence. So pretty much every movie out in theatres right now.

8. I also really despise raunchy movie and will not watch them. I'm the only one from my siblings that hasn't seen The Hangover. I will never. (So pretty much every movie out in theatres right now.)

9. I read the first Harry Potter book in July for the first time because I had to for a course. I felt like such a hypocrite because I had avoided anything Harry Potter with a passion since the beginning because of the hype. I'm still not going to jump in.

10. I am a terrible drawer, and I can't even doodle cool fonts or anything for when I do mail art. It sucks.


  1. Oh, always add twice as many chocolate chips as the recipe calls for - I don't think they ever call for enough chocolate! I just got your package today, and I can't wait to lusten to the CDs!

  2. Sex scenes in movies turn me off. The swearing doesn't bother me much. I worked at a Little Caesars for a summer and got my fill of cursing. It kind of deadened me to it. Now that I'm working with people who swear constantly, I have to watch my words much more carefully so I don't start using language I don't want.

    And, ah, I really want some chocolate chip cookies right now around a bonfire!

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who starts thinking about Christmas early! I shop for Christmas most of the year. I have a drawer that I fill with gifts and then by the end of the year I'm usually all set!

    x Jasmine

  4. You can't be worse in drawing then me! I am so terrible! :)

  5. More choc chips is a definite for me.

    I don't really want watch movies with a a lot of swearing either. It just frustrates me. And movies which are over the top graphic.

    You should join the 52 Weeks of Mail. It's sure to be a blast!x

  6. I can totally relate with you on #6.

    I'm your newest follower! :P