Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Weighing in (ish)

So today my mother and I went to our local TOPS chapter and we joined together. It's not very big, only 7 other ladies were there besides me and my mom. I think all of them were French as well, which is humorous because obviously my mother and I are not. I was also the youngest lady there by about 30 years. They were all cooing over my name, how beautiful it was. That made me smile :D

My mom did TOPS years ago, and it helped her then, so we decided to give it a try together. The accountability is totally what I need right now. I'm very excited about this :D


  1. Cool! and it's nice that you get to go with your mom too. :-)

  2. From the sounds of it TOPS is like our 'Weight Watchers', I think. Either way, good luck!! Let us know how it all goes :)

    x Jasmine