Monday, May 9, 2011

Cast Away

Sorry I missed Monday, I was busy painting my soon-to-be house all day with my soon-to-be hubby and my currently awesome friends! Better late than never, I like to think.

This week's movie is Cast Away.

Once again, I had never seen this movie before, but I borrowed it from the same friend who lent me last week's movie. It sat in the bag with less interest on my part than other movies in there. One day Christopher was over and we wanted to watch a movie. I pulled it out among the many, and he said "oh, that's a good movie!" I said "I've never seen it." He said "We are watching that now."

So we did. But before I go further, a proper introduction to the movie is in order.

Chuck Nolan is an analyst working for Fed-Ex, who jets around the world preaching the gospel of time management to Fed-Ex depots. He comes home to celebrate Christmas with his family and his girlfriend Kelly. At the end of Christmas dinner, he gets a page from work summoning him on his next trip. Kelly drives him to the airport, where Chuck promises that he'll be back for New Year's Eve, and gives her something to hold onto until he gets back (something in very distinguishable box). The plane takes off... And as you can guess, this is when Chuck takes on the titular role.

 This was one of my favourite scenes.

At first Cast Away just really made me sad, because the title kind-of-totally gives away the plot, and there were just so many things happening in the first 15 minutes that I knew would come into play later when Chuck was stranded on the island. I especially did not appreciate the mention of a toothache and needing to go to the dentist (What Chris heard during this part: "OH NO HE'S GONNA HAVE TO SMASH HIS TOOTH OUT ON THE ISLAND!!!!! *whimpering fake-cry out of disgust* [I have dentist issues]) But once I got over that, I did get into the character of Chuck and how he was going to survive on this island. Tom Hanks did an absolutely brilliant job in this role. Just brilliant.

Another favourite scene.
I thought the direction and the soundtrack and production were all just wonderful together as well. Can I say brilliant? The feel of the movie was perfect. I think that they did an excellent job of making this movie as realistic as they could. I didn't find too many plot-holes in it, and that's what I do when I watch movies :P I would recommend this movie if you're in the mood to sit down for a few hours and be grateful for the life you have.


  1. I like that movie, but I feel like it's a little sad too. :-) The part where you were freaked out about him dong his own dental work made me laugh!

  2. Ok, I'll add THIS one to my list, too. (I am so poorly cultured!)

    And, tell me again, dear, when's the date for your lovely wedding?

  3. I have to say that I really did not enjoy that movie. But we have often had very different tastes in movies, haven't we? I would even venture to go as far and as opposite of you and say this was one of Tom Hanks' worst roles as an actor. Although it takes great talent co-staring with a volleyball, and interacting with - well- nothing. I won't take the talent away from Tom Hanks, but it was a fairly predictable movie I think. And that is of course just my opinion. (I enjoy differing with other people:)

  4. This sounds great! I've never seen it before but I have heard good review (apart from Theresa!).

    x Jasmine