Friday, December 10, 2010

Fill in the blank Friday 1.8

1. I wish that I had $50,000. I'm not greedy, that's why I'm not asking for a million bucks haha. That would just get rid of all my debt and still have a considerable amount leftover for a shopping spree =)

2. Yesterday I worked in the evening, and couldn't fall asleep until 2 am.

3. Today I will go to my last day of class for the semester and dance the night away at my school's Christmas banquet!

4. Tomorrow I will sleep in and work all evening.

5. Maybe someday I will be able to fit into all of those clothes I put under my bed again.

6. Someday I will be able to wake up next to the man I love (cheesy and sappy? Yes) (also, I do not know when that day will be but someday)

7. I love my friends, Christopher, my family, Coldplay, hot chocolate, staying in bed til noon reading, shopping on Amazon, and my church.

Have a great weekend, my friends =)

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