Friday, December 3, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday 1.7

1.   Holiday spirit  sometimes feels fake to me, like it has too much with shopping and spending money, not enough about celebrating the important things like family and Jesus' birth.

2.  The holidays are incomplete without  family, watching Elf half a dozen times, and awesome Christmas services at church.

3.  My favorite things to do around the holidays is  catching up with family and friends, watching Christmas movies, and eating way too much chocolate.

4.  A holiday tradition my family and I have is   nothing. When I was growing up my dad was a long-distance trucker, so we couldn't really count on having the same traditions every year. So we just spend one day together as family, usually Christmas Eve. That's it.

5.  Holiday music is    best when people make it their own.

6.  This year, I'll be spending the holidays   working on a correspondence course while Chris is gone for a week, working, hanging out with friends, catching up on writing letters, and of course spending a lot of time with my family.

7.  Holiday wish list  anything from my Etsy wishlist, books, and clothes. I'm easy to please.

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