Monday, September 20, 2010

Technology hates me.

Why is it September 20 already? And why have I only posted one entry this month?!? What is wrong with meeeeee? Well, I think I could answer that better than you. (The correct answer is everything)

I'm heading off to class as soon as I finish my reading for it (last night my laptop was having a hairy conniption and I only got through one of three readings because it wasn't working properly - I'm not a slacker! Besides, class is only at 12:40 so I'm doing pretty good!) Right now my printer is having a hairy conniption and not printing the things I want it to print, which sucks because my classmate asked me to print out some readings for him, and I want to pass them on today. Oh well, I'll figure it out.

Here's a quote from my reading that I want to share with you as some final thoughts for this very highly important post (sarcasm, my friends):

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. - Martin Luther King, Jr.

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