Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Galentine's Day: My Favourite Lady Friendships in Books & TV

Confession - I have not watched Parks & Rec. I find this to be very tragic, but that's not my fault because it's not available to stream on any Canadian service. Regardless, I am familiar with the concept of Galentine's Day from that show. Galentine's Day is on February 13 and it's just a celebration of lady friendships. So today, I thought I'd make a quick list of some awesome friendships from books (and a couple from tv).

1. Anne & Diana from Anne of Green Gables
   Hello, I'm Felicia and I'm obsessed with Anne of Green Gables. And I love Anne and Diana's friendship. Their loyalty and honesty and support of each other is so memorable. They are the purest and I love them.

2. Joanna & Emilia from Salt to the Sea
   I just finished this book and first of all, it wrecked me emotionally. I loved the characters, and I loved the relationship that formed between Joanna and Emilia. They became like sisters in the short span of time the book covered, and their devotion to each other through their language barrier was so heart-warming.

3. The March Sisters - Little Women
   Sisters count as friends! And Amy, Beth, Jo, and Meg are such a good example of sister friends. Love it.

4. Cinder & Iko - the Lunar Chronicles
   Really, I want to include all of the ladies in the Lunar Chronicles, but Cinder and Iko are the original duo. They have such a fun rapport, and they make such a great team for saving the world.

5. Sylvie & Tilda - Surprise Me
   I recently finished this book and this friendship was such a highlight. My favourite thing was that there is actually an age difference between them, similar to me and one of my best friends. So I felt a little more connected to them because of that.

6. Kelly & Erin - The Office
   How I love The Office, and I love Kelly and Erin's relationship. They are so different but they have such a tight bond. I love the craziness they get up to together.

7. Rachel, Phoebe, & Monica - Friends
   As I grow older, I have more problems with Friends, but it still holds a place in my heart for the nostalgia factor. There is something about that show that makes me feel comforted. And I always love the parts with the three girls together. They are such good friends and their connection feels so real to me.

As I have come to the end of my list, this actually is kind of making me sad that I don't have more friendships to add?! Tell me some of your favourite friendships, especially from tv and movies because this is actually pathetic. But yay for frands!

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  1. This was a fun post! I can't think of any to add though...