Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Summer is here and I'm excited about it.

Summer is almost here! Well, today we have a rainfall warning, but it still feels more and more like summer. Church activities are winding up, and there's a lot more free time on the horizon. I never realized how much you love free time until I started working full time. That was an adjustment. Sometimes I really miss working part-time. I had a lot more time for housework and hobbies.

I have many plans for the summer already, such as:

  • doing a bedroom refresh 
  • having a garage sale with some friends and getting rid of so much junk
  • doing some DIY projects, like painting a couple bookshelves and building an end table
  • going to the zoo (I haven't been to the zoo in like a decade or something, and they've added a ton of new things since I was there last)
  • writing back to my poor pen pals who probably wonder why I went off the radar
  • getting so much reading done!

These are the two tables I'm looking at making. I might make both. We'll see.

I hope to enjoy some of the last two while sitting outside in my lawn chair apparatus. I call it an apparatus because I wouldn't know what else to call it. It's two Adirondack chairs attached with a table in the middle. Very handy. But the table is broken so I have to fix that. And I want to get some cushions, for maximum comfort. I've got my eyes on some seat pads from IKEA, because I'm too lazy to make them myself.

What would you call this thing? Anyway, here it is, freshly painted in my favourite colour. That table wasn't properly attached, so it came off and now I have to fix it.

I'm also quite excited for summer weather, as a lovely bistro just a short walk away from my house is selling gelato. I am pleased to announce the stuff tastes like heaven, and I anticipate walking over there many evenings with a book.

What are you looking forward to this summer?

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  1. I am looking forward to lots of swimming, training for a 10k, lots of diy projects, sunshine, sunshine, sunshine!! And reading some good books! :)