Thursday, February 5, 2015

Doing a new thing on the internet.

Hello friends, how are you? What is new? I miss your lovely faces. If you still stick with me here, then bravo, you! I have a thing to mention that is new with me. In August, I started a YouTube channel! I know, it's weird. But it's been really cool so far.

This summer I discovered that there are people on YouTube that talk about books. And that was a revelation for me. People, talking about books? Amazing! For a couple months I was really content to just watch other people's videos, but eventually I wanted to start talking about books, too. With the encouragement of Christopher, I started filming videos and uploading them. It was really out of my comfort zone to start, but once I started, it wasn't even that bad!

I still have a lot to learn about making and editing videos, and my videos aren't the best yet, but I've actually had a pretty good response to my channel so far. I have met some really cool people so far, and even if I never comment or interact with people I subscribe to, I still feel like they're my friends. It is really fun to talk about books that I'm reading, books I want to read, and hearing book recommendations from other people. It is so awesome to be a part of the BookTube community.

I called my channel Little Prairie Library. I think it's clever, it rhymes a little bit to help you remember it, it tells you what my channel is about, and it is personalized to me! (I am a prairie girl to the core of my heart) I also started a dedicated blog for book reviews, to tie in with my YouTube channel. I wanted to have a separate blog for reviewing books, because it's apparently easier to get ARCs (advance reader copies) from certain publishers if your blog is just dedicated to books. The blog is still under construction, but there are some reviews already up.

I would love it if you would go check out my YouTube channel and subscribe to me there, as well as follow my book blog!

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