Thursday, November 20, 2014

Of Weird Slumps.


I am in a weird slump.

I haven't written letters in over a month. But I want to. I miss my pen pal friends.

I've barely been reading this month. But I want to. I have an insane pile of books that I'm really excited about.

I haven't been blogging this past year. I have things that I want to talk about, but I'm out of practice and I can barely remember this writing thing that I like to do. I also started a channel on YouTube a few months ago where I talk about books, and I haven't posted anything this month.

I haven't even been knitting this autumn (now winter here), and I want to because I need a new hat!

I'm not sure what's going on. Maybe it's because I'm tired, and the shorter days are just kicking my energy levels in the butt. Maybe I just need some inspiration. But I feel pretty inspired about things!! Which just makes it all so weird.

I hope that soon I will be able to get back to doing things that I love. I miss them.

Some good news though, I'm painting my kitchen cabinets! I can't wait to share photos with you when it's all done! It's taking forever, but we'll get there. We'll get there.


  1. xoxoxo

    Did you pick a cabinet color?! Hooray for new looking kitchen cabinets!

  2. we all get like that sometimes, I think I need to take a month off just to read all my tbr pile before I drown in it!