Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Kitchen re-do inspiration (and a vote!)

Over the past 6 months, we've been working on various projects around our house. We've been living there for 3 years now, and I felt like it was time for a refresh. I love changing the physical space around me from time to time, even if it's just to shuffle the furniture around. I think part of this has to do with the fact that I'm such an indecisive person. Which is one of the reasons that this process has taken 6+ months.

Back in April, we painted our living room/kitchen area, and all the way down the hall. It was previously a light yellow, but because we had painted over a strong blue colour, it always read as a greenish tinge. I wanted to make everything white because then I could change whatever colours I feel like in the future. I chose Mercury Glass by Benjamin Moore, and I just loooooove it! Seriously, it's the perfect white! It makes everything feel a million times brighter in our main area, which I just love.

The above is the current state of my kitchen. #reallife

The next thing to tackle is painting the kitchen cabinets. They're okay, but I just don't love them. They're just a stock, builder's grade fake oak, and I need to get rid of them! I've been putting off painting them since April, but it has to happen because I already painted some swatches on them to see what I liked better. I am just the most indecisive person about this, though. I've been wavering between 3 options. I need help! I seriously can't decide!!

Option one: all white

Option two: white on top, navy or charcoal on the bottom

Option three: all grey/greige or some such

I really am leaning toward the white/navy/charcoal combination, but those two grey ones are almost enough to sway me. And then I see the all white, and then I just get sooooo confused all over again! I keep going back and forth! 

So I need your help! Choose your favourite in my survey down below - so easy! If I chose white, do I go with a shade darker than the walls, or just paint it all the same white? Do I chose charcoal or navy if I go that way? Or do I go with a greige? I'm really into greige these days. I am just so lost. I just want something that I'm going to love for the next 5+ years - hopefully before that time is up we'll be living in another home! So please, help this indecisive lady out! 

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  1. First, greige?! I've never heard that word before! What a funny word! :D I had to look it up to see if it was a Felicia word or not!

    Your kitchen looks so large! What an exciting project! (Except for all the indecision, of course. That's no fun.)

    I really like all white kitchens because they're so bright and clean. You can add in whatever accents and colors and rugs that you like to change the decor with the seasons or your mood. Super fun. It would also go well with the counter tops you already had in place.

    My first thought on the dark/white combo is that it looks very put together. I think the second and fifth pictures in that series show that best. It can look very professional and grown up. It reminds me of some of the show kitchens I saw at IKEA last month.

    The second to last photo looks more welcoming (and almost serene) than the last photo, in my opinion.

    Wow, who knew kitchen cabinets could get to complicated! What kind of vibe are you going for? Warm? Clean? Solid and steady?

    1. Haha thanks for your input, Lindsay, but that really doesn't help me choose! I have had all of these thoughts, too! I think I want something that's classic, yet cozy and homey. Such a difficult decision!

  2. White and navy or charcoal will look better I think because you have white appliances and no back splash. All white would look good with stainless steel and a semi coloured back splash.

  3. Oo, I really like the white on top, navy on the bottom one!