Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Art for a gallery wall.

I've been wanting to do a gallery wall in our kitchen for about a year already. It's a long, blank, open space, just begging for tons of beautiful art! I've been sourcing out things that I want, and there's just too much gorgeous stuff out there for me to choose. I thought I would share some of my favourites with you today.

[via whatkatiedoes]
This one has been on my list for ages and ages! I just love it! There are 3 colours to pick from, and I think I like this one the best. I can't wait to order this print.

[via OldEnglishCo]
This is my second favourite, and I can't wait to get it on the wall! This one has 20 different colours you can get it in, and you can choose to flip the negative space as well. I'm having a hard time choosing my colour, but I think I might just go with this one.

[via Alice X. Zhang]
Tangled is my favourite Disney animated film, and this is my favourite scene in the movie. I love the feel of this piece.

[via PrettyPrintShop]
I actually bought this one already! (I actually plan to put this in my office, but I still wanted to show you.) It's an instant download for you to print out at home, which is totally my speed. The faster I can get it, the better. Plus it was only $2ish. Score!

[via David Fleck]
I have a thing for hot air balloons. Someday I will go on a ride in one! But for now, I'll settle for some art.

[via WatercolorBook]
See? Hot air balloons. I also have a thing for watercolours.

[via unravelleddesign]
This store has tons of beautiful quote prints like this. It's so hard to choose. These are two of my favourites.

[via Mareike Bohmer Graphics]
Another shop with so much pretty. She also has some photography, but I like her geometric prints.

[via thebigharumph]
I think it's only fitting to have one of these prints in my kitchen. And the difference from all the rest I've shown, which are digital prints, this one is a linocut. This shop has lots of other lovely lino prints of food.

[via penandpaper]
There is a variety of different prints on this shop. Quotes and illustrations, which she also makes as cards.

[via KellyVentura]
I love ice cream and I love watercolours, so it seems only natural that I would desire this lovely thing.

[via Korrina Carmona]
Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of my favourite shows, and Appa definitely has my heart. I enjoy this wanted poster that is featured in the show.

I totally have a bent towards quotes and watercolours, and more feminine looking pieces, so I'm sure I'll get Chris to find a few he likes, and maybe he'll make one or two as well. I'm planning on getting a variety of sizes. I got some frames from the thrift store that I will (eventually) paint the same colour, and probably get some Ribba frames from IKEA to mix in. All of these pieces were found on Etsy or Society6, and that's only a fraction of the ones I found. If you care to see, I made an Etsy collection. I haven't spent as much time on Society6, and I'm not sure if I should because I get overwhelmed with options pretty quickly. I'm pretty excited to start curating my gallery wall! If you have some favourite shops I should know about, leave me a comment and I'll check it out!


  1. Those quotes are all so great. I like watercolors, too! They're so pretty and free. I like the lemon print a lot!

    AVATAR!!! Caleb and I just got caught up on Legend of Korra. Have you seen it/what do you think?

    1. Also, I really like your collection! That compass! And Firefly?!!?

    2. AVATAR FTW!! We haven't even watched the second season of Korra yet! We were actually talking about that today, saying that we should get on that. I've been watching through Last Airbender on Netflix at work, and when I'm done that then I want to go through Legend of Korra. The first season is sooo intense! Holy!

      Also thank you, I'm glad you like my collection :)

  2. I love all of those! I might have to steal some of your ideas for my gallery wall. I am with you, I love anything watercolor!